the breeze in my hair

22 April 2016

drinking a carton of beer
is bout as wild
as I get
these days

though I still remember
the breeze in my hair



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2 Responses to the breeze in my hair

  1. The breeze in my hair conjures up images of riding a motorbike or in a convertible car but doing something fast and a bit wild. You’re wilder than me with your can of beer! Having gone from a 22 hour a day cocaine addiction in which I was seduced by a female teenage stripper in Jamaica who’d killed someone the week before and then stole my car and walked through Heathrow airport covered in cocaine a big event for me now, substance wise, is a cup of coffee! I don’t even drink Redbull, I’m normally on English Breakfast or herbal tea. But although my life is so calm now I am happier and more peaceful than I have ever been certainly 1000 times happier than in the suicidal cocaine crazed state I was in for the last 6 months of my using.


    • David says:

      yr give so much
      of yr self

      I struggle to give
      so little

      this silence
      inside me

      like a blanket
      in summer

      I toss & turn

      the moon watches me
      as it had watched you


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