i’d said

i’d said
i’d never leave you
i’d never
but now you have left me
you have taken something of mine with you
i want back
i wake feeling for your presence beside me
i brush my teeth
your memory stands naked behind me
teases     i brush longer than i would
your curve and smile make me delirious
it comes to me that love
begins with sex
even when our eyes first met
the feeling rushed through
to fall upon and love you
i can not eat      sleep is a commodity
i use or do not use
work is a desert     i am not a camel
i do not concentrate
i look to the sky
it has no answer
just the continual blue
like the dress i brought for you
to wear to cathy’s engagement party
you looked like cinderella
i loved you
you loved me
you know what it is that it’s wrong
you have taken something of me with you
.                                                        I want it back



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3 Responses to i’d said

  1. ItsBond007 says:

    This is beautiful!! The moment I read it, I wanted to send it to my ex. Amazing write up!!


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