there was a strange phone call

there was a strange phone call
the voice said ’David, I’m at the…’ and they stopped speaking
and there were other voices like over a loud speaker
and they realised they were speaking to an answering machine
and they said ’oh, where the hell are yrrrrrr?’
and I heard it and got worried I didn’t know the voice
so I rang my brothers
they were like ‘we’re fine’ and their sons, and daughter, they were fine
and I was worried cause the voice was stressed
and I rang Don’s cause he hadn’t rang for weeks
and he always did from time to time
and no one answered, and I thought ‘Don’s gone
Don has gone’ and he was gonna be a bank robber
said he was on his way to meet up and do it
I’d stopped him, and I didn’t know I’d done that
to years later, he told me ‘good people’ was all he said
and I got the meaning, and was humble and
I rang back a couple of weeks later ‘Don is gone
I think Don is gone’ we spent a summer
at the topless beach mending our hangovers
but we stopped going cause Don didn’t like the Greek fellow
that went round with his trunks off talking to the girls
I think Don is gone
he was gonna be a bank robber

and I didn’t know that


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